Plastic Polyester PET Strap

Pet strapping Band is one of the best packaging materials developed recently. Made from recycled pet bottle flakes with excellent strength to protect your valuable products.

Container Bags, Jumbo Bags, FIBC.

Transform and export your container into a worthy means of transportation for dry bulk products. Custom options are available to fit your unique bag needs.

A liquid bulk package solution for industries suitable for storage & transportation of non hazardous liquid products.

Flower trends are constantly evolving so is the packaging.

Packaging films containing Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors to protect metals from rust in the automotive and steel industries.

A water soluble film based upon polyvinyl alcohol used in packaging, mold release, medical and other industries.
Containers for managing ultrapure chemicals used in the microelectronics, life science and other mission critical industries.
Clean Bags with ultra low particle counts for the microelectronic, medical and food industries.
Food grade PE composite sealant films. Anti-static and fog-resistant grades are available.
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