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AICELLO CORPORATION introduced BOSELON® as the world's first Volatile Corrosion Inhibiting (VCI) film in 1969. Starting with the automotive, heavy machinery and steel, BOSELON® is used in a wide variety of industries. Volatile corrosion inhibitors encapsulated in BOSELON® continuously vaporize from the film, forming an active protective molecular membrane on the metal surface and effectively preventing the formation of rust.

Characteristic of BOSELON®

  • Corrosion inhibiting effect is immediate and long-lasting.
  • The transparent film allows contents to be easily identified and inspected.
  • Choose from a variety of film grades based on customer application and specifications.
  • Corrosion inhibition and packaging are completed in a single process, minimizing labor cost and maximizing productivity.
  • BOSELON® is ideal for use on automated packaging lines.
  • Polyethylene based BOSELON® films are recyclable; and toxic gas is not generated during incineration.

BOSELON® s Rust Prevention Effect

BOSELON® is the world’s first commercialized VCI Film, produced by AICELLO.
From the long term storage of automotive service parts to withstanding severe shipping conditions, BOSELON® has proven success in rust prevention for the past 50 years.

BOSELON® 103 Characteristics

BOSELON® 103 is a VCI film developed for use with cast iron, iron and
It is also effective with galvanized steel and aluminum as well, but really shows its strengths when packaging metals that are highly susceptible to rust.

FC : Cast Iron Al : Aluminum
Fe : Iron Cu : Copper
Zn/Fe : Galvanized Steel


BOSELON® 507 Characteristics

BOSELON 507® is a VCI film developed for use with iron, galvanized steel and aluminum. It is a perfect match for large metal stamped parts, where it is both effective in preventing rust as well as keeping costs down.

FC : Cast Iron Al : Aluminum
Fe : Iron Cu : Copper
Zn/Fe : Galvanized Steel

Product Line Up
BOSELON® comes in many different forms to meet customer s specific uses.
 Knock Down Packaging
Grouped Packaging with Sheet
 VCI Bubble Wrap
Packaging for Large Machinery
 Service Parts Packaging
Knock Down Packaging
 Steel Coil Packaging
Automatic Packaging
>> If you have questions about other special grades, application to another base material or about automated packaging, please reach out to your local BOSELON® Sales Rep.
   Main Grades of BOSELON
Cast IronEngine, transmission and other knock down or service parts
Non-ferrous Metal
Stamped parts and other knock down or service parts
(Poly Cross-Laminated Film)
Cast Iron,
Non-ferrous Metal
For packaging heavy or sharp items
(Air Bubble Laminated Film)
Cast Iron,
Non-ferrous Metal
Shock absorption packaging
(Stretch Film)
Non-ferrous Metal
Steel coil packaging on automatic Packaging machine
(For replacing VCI Paper)
Non-ferrous Metal
Steel coil packaging
   Material Forms
  • Individually cut sheets as well as both perforated and non-perforated rolls
  • Flat bags, gusseted bags & square bottom bags

In order to fully support our customers needs, we are able to recommend the optimal packaging method for your application as well as options such as material for automated packaging machines to reduce manpower hours.

   Size Range
GradeBagIndividual SheetsSheets on Rolls
BOSELON® 1031002,000 1004,000 1004,000specified separately
BOSELON® 5071002,0001003,0001004,0001006,0001004,000
BOSELON® PX1001,200 1001,200 100~1,200
BOSELON® AC1001,0001005001001,0001001,000------

BOSELON® Corrosion Inhibiting System

BOSELON® has volatile corrosion inhibitors encapsulated within the film, which makes it the optimal packaging film for rust prevention.
Volatile corrosion inhibitors are steadily released by heat and those gas vapors cover the surface of the metal to prevent corrosion from occurring.
As such, simply by wrapping products with BOSELON®, the volatile corrosion inhibitors will release from the film, penetrate incoming water molecules and form a protective molecular membrane on the metal surface. This allows rust prevention and packaging to be completed in a single process.


BOSELON® is the world's first Volatile Corrosion Inhibiting (VCI) film, commercialized by AICELLO CORPORATION in 1969. Over the next 50 years, BOSELON® has defined VCI Film, becoming the most trusted brand and taking the leadership in VCI packaging materials.
AICELLO CORPORATION has maintained a strong dedication to safety from the start of BOSELON® ´ s development on. In accordance with global safety regulations, Aicello has released information such as rust prevention chemical component names, construction and content amount to adhere to the Chemical Substance Control Law in Japan and the CAS No. (Chemical Abstract Service) in the US.

The BOSELON® Advantage for Distribution

  • Displays excellent cost performance.
  • Improve workability and production capacity
  • Reduce both administrative and scrap costs