Liner Bags are a clean, safe and effective packaging solution that transforms containers into reliable and cost effective alternatives to tank containers, ensuring the lowest logistical costs and reducing environmental impact:

  • Protect goods from external agents and contamination.
  • Reduce total handling costs: easy and fast to install – load – discharge – dispose.
  • Maximize container payload.
  • 100% waterproof.
  • 100% recyclable.


Food and Feed: Barley, cocoa, corn, fish-meal, flour, ground nuts, lentils, milk powder, nuts, peas, rice, salt, seeds, soy beans, starch, sugar, tea leaf, wheat, grain, flour, cattle feed, mixed grain feed, etc.

Chemicals: resin, , certain fertilizers, glass beads, nylon polymer chip, polyester granules, PE granules, PP granules, PVC powder, PTA powder, soda, catalysts, pigments, zinc powder, detergents, carbon black.

Minerals: Anhydrite binder, bentonite clay, gypsum, silica, talcum powder, tri-poly phosphate, vanadium slag, aluminum fluoride, bleaching earth, titanium dioxide, zeolite, cement, lime, chalk.

Wastes: Organic waste, residue sludge and ashes from industrial and organic processes.