Food grade PE composite sealant films. Anti-static and fog-resistant grades are available.


In terms of function and attentiveness to detail, packaging materials made in Japan are considered the highest quality in the world. Laminated films bond many functional layers to form various packaging materials. The inner most layer which is in contact with the content is the Sealant film.

The Sealant layer acts to preserve and protect the content as well as providing the best heat seal properties to form bags. This inner most layer is considered to be the most important of multi-layered laminated films.

SUZULON L is a sealant laminating film created using state-of-the-art processing technology under strict quality control. Customers' diverse requirements are satisfied by combining sealant with various types of barrier materials in order to create various functions. inflation forming method AICELLO CORPORATION started producing polyethylene film using the inflation forming method in 1955. The company subsequently attempted to produce polyethylene laminating film (sealant film).

SUZULON L was placed on the market in 1974, and over the subsequent 37 years, the company has accumulated its own unique technologies.
Aicello has repeatedly conducted research and development to respond to a variety of market requirements and has evolved SUZULON L dramatically as a highly-functional sealant film. Aicello aims to become the leading producer of laminating film using the wide-variety, small lot production and the inflation forming method highly capable of adding functions.


Polyethylene film

Polyethylene [-(C2H4)n-] consists of carbon (C) and hydrogen (H); and it contains no nitrogen (N), sulfur (S) or chlorine (CL). Because polyethylene film is economical, easy to process for heat sealing, and features good steam sealing properties, it is often used for applications such as food packaging. It also does not produce toxic fumes when burned.

What is polyethylene laminating film?

Our products are used as packaging materials that can be found in homes and storefronts. Polyethylene laminating film is used for the most inner layer of packaging materials.

For example, let's take a look at a cross section of a toothpaste tube.
If you look close, you can see the tube consisting of multiple layers of film. "Lamination" is the act of applying multiple layers of film to each other with adhesives. Laminated films are compressed by heating (heat sealed). This forms a hermetic seal to prevent transformation of properties or odor of contents from leaking outside the package. The film that can be heat sealed in this way is called "sealant film. " This product, commonly called "polyethylene laminating film," is also referred to as "sealant laminating film," because it can be heat sealed for use as a film for lamination.


The function of each layer of the toothpaste tube is as shown in the following figure.

Toothpaste requires packaging materials with high barrier properties in order to preserve the active ingredients and prevent the odor of the contents from stripping. As well as The function that allows the contents to be used to the end without waste is also required.

In order to satisfy these demands, a laminated tube made of layers of films with a various function for each is created.



Powder packaging

Contents: drugs, condiments
Functions: antistatic, ultra-low temperature sealing, transparency, etc.

Liquid packaging

Contents: soup, sauces, shampoo, etc.
Functions: minimal odor / taste, ultra-low temperature sealing, etc.

Small liquid bag containers

Contents: tea, juice, alcoholic beverages, etc.
Functions: minimal odor / taste, ultra-low temperature sealing, etc.

Frozen foods packaging

Contents: ham, sausage, etc.
Functions: antifogging, hot tack, heat seal strength, etc.

Independent bags

Contents: refill for liquid detergents, soap, cooking oil, etc., designed to reduce garbage for the environment
Functions: easy cutting, heat seal strength, stress cracking resistance, etc.

Drugs / cosmetics packaging

Contents: active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), API intermediates, and drug formulation, medical/health food capsules, etc.
Function: no / low additives, nonabsorbent, non-adsorptive, etc.

Electronic component packaging

Contents: semiconductors, components for manufacturing equipment, precision components, etc.
Functions: antistatic, low additive, etc.


Antistatic grade AS Series L140R
Antifogging grade NC Series L140NC
Low/no additive grade N290
Easy tearing grade V972

Film provided with antistatic function exhibits stable sealant function and prevents trouble during processing due to static charge produced in the case of electronic component packaging, or when refilling dried powdered or flake contents.


Thickness: 40μm - 100μm, Width: 700mm - 1000mm,
Lengths: 1000m - 4000m

Polyethylene film with antifogging function works as sealant film for antifogging packaging, and by keeping moisture content high and quality of the contents stored in a frozen state, which enhances the market value of the packaged product.


Thickness: 40μm - 60μm, Width: 700mm - 1000mm,
Lengths: 1000m - 4000m

This grade, with no additives or minimal additives such as antioxidants or lubricant, is particularly used for applications strict about contamination of package contents by elution, taste, and odor.


Thickness: 40μm - 80μm, Width: 700mm - 1000mm,
Lengths: 1000m - 4000m

Low temperature sealing polyethylene film with superior tearing properties.


Thickness: 40μm - 150μm, Width: 700mm - 1100mm,
Lengths: 1000m - 4000m


SUZULON L, as sealant material, has a wide variety of products by combining various types of barrier materials to add diverse functions.

Antistatic properties:
Offers superior antistatic properties so contents do not adhere to the film.
Polyethylene film is provided with antistatic function. The antistatic effect remains intact even after lamination.

Antifogging properties:
Contents are clearly visible with no fogging
Fog on the polyethylene due to condensation of steam in the air is eliminated immediately and continuously.

Minimal odor/taste properties:
Controls odor and taste so they do not transfer to the contents
Minimizes odor and taste caused by oxidation and low molecular weight elements of polyethylene film.

Low/no additives:
Contents not affected by additives
Contents are not affected by film additives.

Easy tearing properties (easy tearing/opening):
Bags can be easily opened by straight tearing.
Bags are provided with easy tearing function so anyone can easily open them.